Mar 1, 2009

the white stuff

Posted by Mary |

It snowed on Friday. I know, news flash! I live in Alaska. But when I left the Marlin, big fat flakes were pouring down from the sky. Big enough and fat enough that I turned my face upward and cried, "It's snowing!" And sure enough, by Saturday morning, several fresh inches of snow coated my world.

The only downside to this was that I had planned to go skiing with Amanda and Marmian on Saturday. Fresh snow is not the greatest thing in the world for cross country skiing. Marmian checked the trails and pronounced them rolled but not set, so we decided to go anyway.

On the trails with Marmian.

On the bright side it was warm. I mean warm. Like don't wear long johns warm. Take off your gloves warm.

On the trails with Amanda.

The ski group.

Many skiers before us had broken down the trail. Their tracks always look like maybe - just maybe - they are part of a set trail. Not so much.

But still we persevered, taking in a long loop on the UAF trails.

Forcing other people to take our picture.

Taking our own picture.

In the end, just enjoying a day on the trails together.