Mar 15, 2009


Posted by Mary |

I am going to run the Gold Nugget Triathlon again this year.

There...I said it. Now I have to do it. Crap. Now I have to do it.

I think my friend Liz and my coworker Oralee are both going to do it as well. They will both beat me, but that only means a bigger group to cheer me on at the finish line, right?

I have been going out of my mind with dance for the past few weeks. The troupe agreed to perform a show that, for various reasons, could not include any of our choreography. So we worked our butts off up to 5 days a week to a) learn a new choreography, and b) learn to perform group improvisation. The performance was yesterday, so I think now I'll get a chance to relax.

Enough blogging. I need to get some sleep so I can go run 5K before work tomorrow. Training and all... What am I thinking?


Archeobot said...

I'm thinking that you're a closet masochist...

MamaCaselli said...

The GNT filled up within hours of registration opening. Get your ass on it! I'm doing it this year, too.