Feb 15, 2009


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On February 13 (several weeks early), Rachel introduced us to Clare Lohr Heilman. We shall continue to call her Jam.
The bow indicates that the baby is a girl. Because, frankly, you really can't tell at this point.

I now present you with baby pictures and video. Lots of it.

In my defense, I'm posting all this baby paraphernalia for the sake of Glenmore, who will meet his daughter in a few weeks. We wanted him to be able to see her ASAP! Good work with the genetics, G!

Had I known the baby was on her way out that morning, I might not have worn a cashmere sweater to work. Thank you, Jam, for not puking on it. Good baby!

Lest you think I have gone soft and changed my stance on babies (good for giving sugary treats, great for giving back to their parents), I offer photographic evidence that I am not afraid to back myself up on Joyce while holding another woman's baby.

And yes, I did get the hair clips from the baby section at Fred Meyer when I was supposed to be picking up little mittens for Jam.


glenmore said...

A big "THANK YOU", Mary! Brings a smile to my face :)

Anonymous said...

Great Mary! Showing Rachael how to spank children?

MamaCaselli said...

Look at you. Holding another woman's baby. I don't know whether to applaud or stew in jealousy.

MG said...

Put down the baby and back away, Mary. You might get maternal cooties.

glenmore said...

OK, this is Rachel, not Glenmore, but it seems to have me signed in as him!

I feel obliged to say that I look MUCH better now!!!

But Clare remains just as cute:-)

Thank you for posting this, I should share it with my family since I haven't yet.

You rock Mary!!!! What would I do without my computer savvy Bollywood-lovin' chamchii? Probably be writing all sorts of things in Papyrus:-)