Feb 8, 2009

in typos, truth

Posted by Mary |

I'm sure this person didn't mean to describe their rental property as "specious."

I tried for a quiet weekend in. I only partially succeeded. On Friday I had dinner with a few friends, then one friend and I retired to my place to watch a movie and eat cupcakes. Saturday meant Sci Fi Saturday and BSG at Joyce's house. Afterward, I fell prey to the logic of going to the Marlin. In truth, I was hoping to run into a particular person who has a lovely vocabulary, but he was not there. But the band was rocking and I danced with many boys.


dogsled_stacie said...

Gotta love those guys with "lovely vocabularies" :)

Archeobot said...

Too bad you missed out on the possibility of some stimulating conversation but dancing isn't a bad trade off.

I am vastly amused by the fact that the word verification is "epork." What does that say about my sense of humor...