Oct 3, 2008

and therefore also

Posted by Mary |

Today I am going to answer all questions in Palin-ese.

I wish somebody would ask me a question.


thinks Palin is a bozo said...

So...how's it goin'?

(I'm sure you'll "halfta get back to me on that one!")

Mary said...

You know, I'm glad you asked that, because it is an important issue that many Americans are struggling with. And you know, you just' can't blink, because someone has got to ---- the change has to start with us. Senator McCain is a maverick, he is a proponent for change, and I believe therefore that he has worked across party lines and also to represent the interests of Americans in this war overseas and also here at home in creating an energy policy. [winks at camera]

earl said...

Mary, you sound like a real "maverick." :-)

AKbushbaby said...

Dear Maverick,
Were you sad when Goose died?

Clair said...

Delurking (as a former coworker of Tom's now in San Francisco) to ask if all Alaskans really sound like that. All the time? Really? And do you all use the word maverick to excess, or was that just to appease us mainlanders playing drinking games?

Tom said...

Clair! Are you internet-stalking me via my ex-girlfriend's blog?!

And no. No we don't. And I only use the word "maverick" to excess when yelling at low-flying jets.