Jun 11, 2007

i have met the enemy

Posted by Mary |

Summer in Alaska produces a lot of pests. Everyone's heard about our mosquitoes. Last year we had a bad yellow jacket year. And I've currently got a couple of wasp nests around the property that I'm keeping an eye on. But my big annoyance this year is the ever-persistent spruce bud worm.

They don't sting. They don't bite. They just hang in midair from a bit of webbing like a perverted, squirming Christmas ornament. Walking through the trees to get to our cabin has become a delicate art of dodging and weaving through the dangling pests.

I was only mildly annoyed by them until I walked into one full on the other day people. I'm usually not a girl about crawly things on me, but this one made eyeball contact. Eyeball, people. The only thing going in my eye should be my contacts.


Terri said...

Omigod! That's how the aliens take over: through the conjunctiva! Mary's become a pod person!


Theresa Bakker said...

You found me out. I am one of your biggest fans, but I can't find you lately. I miss your restaurant reviews and your recipes. Yadda, blah, yadda, blah. I'm sure you're plenty busy. Maybe someday I'll come up and introduce myself. I'm just too shy-shy, hush, hush, eye to eye. (I always thought they said, Ida why, but that was before the age of the internet.) Thanks for leaving me a message.

Jenni Moody said...

Hi Mary!

I have an Alaska noob question. :) Is it ok to ask it here?

What does Toyo mean? I saw it in a newsminer online ad for a cabin. All I can think of is maybe....Toyota?

Deirdre Helfferich said...

Re spruce worm and eyeball contact sports: EEEWWWWW!

Re Toyo: short for Toyotomi space heater, brand of warmth-producer and frozen toes thawer.