Aug 18, 2006

not again...

Posted by Mary |

Every time I think about getting another pet, I manage to talk myself out of it. And then I see something like this:

Why would you name a female dog Alfonso? And why do I keep thinking about getting a dog when I'm also trying to plan a trip that will take me out of the country for more than a month?


Archeobot said...

vIf it makes you feel any better I am essentially not allowed to go in PetCo on thier adoption days. The probablility that I'll want to rescue a kitten is just too high. But a dog? Done that and you are just too tied down, too much like having a kid...

Anonymous said...

Alfonso? For a dog?

How about Locutus?

In fact, everyone and everything should be named Locutus!!!

Love from the ex-QIR's