Aug 9, 2006

the makings of a runner

Posted by Mary |

When I decided back in January to run some triathlons, I was not exactly what the kids these days would call "in shape." Sure, dancing keeps me active, but I've always been on the voluptuous side (and I'm not complaining), so the thought of swimming, biking and running was a little intimidating. Running, especially, is hard on my knees and feet, and those first few winter runs along the ski trails left me in pain for days.

Yesterday afternoon, I was feeling frustrated about things, and found myself strapping on my running shoes and filling my mp3 player with fast songs. I turned out of the driveway and headed down Goldhill Road, planning on just doing a quick mile. I figured I needed a little exercise and some distraction. When I got to the turnaround point for a mile loop, I didn't want to stop. I kicked up my legs and kept going down the road. I reached the powerlines and didn't want to stop, so I kept going further. My one-mile run turned into something a bit longer, and I found myself pressing to run faster.

Today my legs are delightfully sore, and I'm looking forward to both a relaxing afternoon at Chena Lakes and signing up for the Northern Alaska Environmental Center's Run For the Refuge next weekend. Am I am fast runner? Well, no. And I never will be. Frankly, a 10-minute mile is my goal, not my starting point. But at least I'm getting out there and enjoying myself.