Aug 17, 2006

the brownies find more victims....

Posted by Mary |

If you don't already know, I posess the recipe for the best brownies in the world. And no, I won't share it with you.

I whipped up a batch (a 4-hour process, mind you) as a way of thanking a friend who recently gave me an mp3 player. The Hillbillies cried foul that I was making them but wouldn't share any. My friend confided that they disappeared in two days, especially after she ate three of them on the second day. Since I had a few left from her batch, I gave some to a coworker who came into my office the next day to sigh about them.

Tonight is Russ's birthday, so I think I will spend my afternoon making another batch for dessert. Although it is not my night to cook, Jennie graciously offered to let me make them, which is quite sporting of her. Perhaps tomorrow I will parse out the leftovers to select people, much like a mafia don hands out favors.....


Super Smooth ANDY-G said...

Thanks Mary for the tasty tastes. Baileys loved them. We all loved them. Or did we?

Thanks for joining us at gristlestick!