May 19, 2005

Interview and such

Posted by Mary |

Well, the job interview was today. I think it went ... OK. I wasn't on fire, but I did a good job of answering their questions and asking pertinent questions of my own. The thing is, I found out that they're only interviewing two people. Now, granted those are pretty good odds, but somehow it makes me feel worse about the situation. If they were interviewing five people, I could probably accept that one of them was a better choice for me. But if they're interviewing two people and I don't get it, I was their worst candidate. I don't want to be the worst one.

On the bright side, there are several PR jobs open around town now. Perhaps I'll go for some of those, too.

Now, here's the odd thing. When I got back from my interview, Robert was at Hidden Hill and introduced me to his friend, Maurice. They were there to assess the cabin site. I should say the potential cabin site, as nothing has been decided yet. Robert told me to pray and keep my hopes up. I'm still waiting to see what comes of the May 31 special meeting.