May 30, 2005

I can overeat 'cause it's my birthday

Posted by Mary |

That was my refrain yesterday: "It's my birthday!" I took the entire day as an excuse for excess (good phrase, must remember it). Tom and I spent about 6 hours at Bob Eley's barbecue. During that time I managed to ingest ribs, a burger, 5 beers, 1 Zima, potato salad, cookies, pie and a not insignificant portion of elk. Oof. I felt somewhat ill watching Empire Strikes Back later that night, and it wasn't just Mark Hamill's whining.

I used my logic to deduce that since my parents' birthday gifts wouldn't arrive until after my birthday, I should open Tom's gift before my birthday, thereby equaling each other out. Hey, it makes sense to me! Tom got me just what I wanted: a Kelty Sonora backpack. 4000 cubic inches of space, which means I have no excuse not to go camping now. In fact, since his office is closed today and I have the day off from my job(s), we're going to go test my pack on the Angel Rocks trail. I'm sure 4000 cubic inches will nicely accommodate the bottle of water and granola bar I plan to bring along for this hike.