May 18, 2005


Posted by Mary |

I've realized that it may not be wise to grouse about certain things on my other blog,, because people read that one for my reviews. Best not to have them reading my reviews of them, I should think. So, voila, a new blog is born. Plus, every time I Google myself, I pull up a million references to the Mary Haley who runs a ragtime Web site. Or the Mary Haley that has something to do with children. Maybe, if the stars are aligned, I actually show up waaaaay down on the list for my ACES awards.

Today being a rainy day, I am feeling a little down. However, I've got an interview tomorrow at School of Fish. If all goes well, maybe I can jump off this grant-funded/magazine-sold-to-a-guy-from-New-Jersey carousel I've been on. Still no word on the new cabin. We're having an emergency board meeting on May 31 to decide, hopefully.