Jul 4, 2012

I'm not dead yet

Posted by Mary |

You can blame Google and a name change. I had to change my email address after I got married, and ran into amazing problems trying to access this old blog. It got to the point where I gave up for a bit. Then a few friends told me they were sad I'd taken my blog down. Nope, Google took it down for me. It seems someone was trying to break into my old e-mail (which was still the main account for this blog), and they shut me down as a security precaution. The good news is that they fixed a lot of the Blogger issues in the interim, so I think I'm back.

A few quick and minor updates:

  • Beau and I spent a month in Hawaii for our honeymoon. For part of that time, we slept in the back of a cargo van. That was my idea, and it was awesome.
  • After 4 months, 2 speeding tickets and at least 6,500 miles put on my car, I got my yoga teaching certification.
  • Beau graduated from UAF with a degree in Computational Physics. It's kind of like majoring in Nerdology with a minor in Geek Sciences.
  • After graduation, Beau deployed to Afghanistan for 4 months.
  • To fill up my time in his absence, I quit my job, put my house on the market and moved to Anchorage.
See? Nothing major. No biggie.