Jul 7, 2009


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You know what will keep my mind off of the show opening on Friday? Peeling back one of my toenails at rehearsal tonight. Sigh. I'm really looking forward to shoving my foot into high heels now.

The lead up to opening night is always excruciating.

Sunday: finish teaching a choreography, then 2 full run throughs
Monday: gym, work, 2 hours of show rehearsal
Tuesday: gym, work, dance class, full run through
Wednesday: gym, work, 2 hour rehearsal for Cold Fusion, promo show at Marlin (maybe)
Thursday: no gym (can't take it any more), work, full run through, dance class
Friday: gym, work, show opens
Saturday: Cold Fusion performance, then another show
Sunday: usher at Othello, maybe breathe and do laundry

In house news, the bank has been trying for 3 weeks to get confirmation from UAF that I work there. I put my HR person on that today. I'm supposed to close in 9 days. I've figured out mostly how I want to paint my bedroom. I've got fabric picked out for a new headboard, though not for the curtains yet. I found out that the credenza I wanted to get for the living room is NOT available for the free "ship to store" option, and that shipping will cost more than the furniture. Time to start hitting up stores in town to see what they've got. I also need some silly, basic things like a reel lawn mower and a ladder. Oh yeah, and some new doorknobs, too. Nothing says "I own the place" like changing the locks.

In personal life news .... oh, wait, I'm too busy with dance to have a personal life these days. well, that's not entirely true. On July 4, Joyce, Dara and I floated down the Chena River in a canoe, stopping at bars along the way. And I've been discussing with Joyce my growing fixation with a man I know. I think it will come to nothing, but it amuses me for now.


Rocksee said...

Yo Mary.. I applied for a job at UAF! Is it a nice place to work?

Anonymous said...

No confirmation from UAF that you work there, eh? Maybe they're just in deep, deep denial about the whole thing. Personally, I would have thought that your UAF paystubs and a letter stating that you have repeatedly been a "person of interest" to the campus cops would serve the bank's purpose .... :-)

Andrew said...

Yeah..its really nice place to work..

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