Jul 28, 2009


Posted by Mary |

Just got home. 4 shows in 4 days. I'm exhausted but happy to say I really brought it with my song tonight. It helps that it was a theater crowd. But still, really really exhausted. I have 3 days of *just* dance classes and rehearsals, then I have to be in Denali for another show. The weekend after that I have to be in Anchorage for a show. The weekend after that I've got a show at the Tanana Valley State Fair. When did my hobbies take over my life?

In other news, my wireless router has now defeated two men. I am bringing over a third tomorrow night. If he fails too, I am buying a new router. I can't live a life tied to one place for Internet.


Andrew said...

That's really great...enjoy.keep going Mary..

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