Spite will get you to the altar, but love will carry you through.
--Dara, on whether or not to
marry someone out of spite

I have survived the following (in chronological order):
  • a massively unhealthy dinner from Carl’s Jr. on Wednesday night (made even more unhealthy by my decision to swap out the drink for a Cap’n Crunch milkshake)
  • beer. Quite a bit of it.
  • moving furniture while drunk. When I was growing up, I used to rearrange my bedroom every few months. It was a small room with lots of furniture, but I found at least four arrangements that would work. Living in our cabin at the commune, I couldn’t rearrange because some of the furniture was built in. I’ve been in this house for 11 months and have rearranged the living room twice and my bedroom once. I am scared of being in a rut, even furniture-wise. Commitment issues??
  • watching crappy TV with Jennie
  • starting Thursday with a bottle of champagne. At 8:15 a.m. Don’t worry – I took the day off from work.
  • finishing said bottle by 10:30 and realizing I hadn’t eaten food yet.
  • an epic-length dinner at a local restaurant. We had no less than three people helping us, resulting in a lot of miscommunication, and it took us more than 90 minutes to get our food. The end result? 25% off our bill and profuse apologies from a young man who was wearing makeup.
  • Bollywood choreography after a day of little work but much drinking
  • a frank sex talk with my ex-boyfriend
  • Thursday. In general.

But you know what can cheer me up even when I’m down? My grandmother sent me a dirty card. And tonight I’ll meet up with a friend who is in town from NYC for the summer. Dinner, hopefully no more drinks and a movie with a group of friends. I’ve nixed my plans to flee town for the weekend. Instead I’ll let James cook me dinner on Sunday. And I think I’ve found two grad students to move into my house. Life may not have been good yesterday, but it’s getting better.


Amanda said...

Frank sex talk with your ex-b? Are you crazy?

Anonymous said...

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