May 13, 2008

barack o'bollywood

Posted by Mary |

OMG this hurts my brain. And I promised myself I wouldn’t make this blog political.

OK, here’s the deal:

I will give baked goods to the first person who can:

a) name two of the dance scenes featured in this clip. Just the movie titles will do, though you get bonus points for knowing the names of the songs.
b) explain why this technically could never be considered a Bollywood clip


Zara said...

Wow. Someone went to a lot of trouble to sync Obama to the music. Why? I can't imagine, but I'm guessing that the conception of this video was preceded by the ingestion of a banned substance.

Coldfoot said...

Mary....... I don't know how to phrase this..... but that was a complete waste of time.

Keep up the good work.