Mar 22, 2008

worth a thousand words....

Posted by Mary |

We miss our Jellybean. Come back from Florida soon!!

Above, Liz models the new Indian panel skirts, shows off our lovely deck and expresses her love for Victoria.

There have been many interesting developments of late. I'll keep some of them to myself for now, but throw you a few bones. I got my nose pierced last night. Yes, it was already pierced, but now there are two rings and it's very matchy-matchy. ArctiCon is coming up and the first Battlestar Galactica dance is looking good. Plans are afoot for some new dances as well. We're mulling having extra rehearsals, because it seems like we keep coming up with more stuff to do.

I'm signing off so I can have breakfast (finally), go to the library (maybe), take a nap (probably) and go to the Cover Up (definitely).


Terri said...

Okay, so I have to ask: is Liz wearing her Indian Panel Skirt over Carhartts? That's so Alaskan!