I was told that today would be 50 degrees F and rainy. I was lied to. I woke up once again to falling snow. I know that I live in Alaska, but I’m getting tired of the snow. I’ve been following Jennie’s theory of buying lots of cute shoes, thereby forcing the weather to change so that I can actually wear them. So far some of the shoes have not seen the light of day. What gives, Fairbanks?

The troupe performed at yet another gaming convention over the weekend. The crowd was small, but the performance was well received. I think they didn’t know what to do at the end of the grand finale, which was a Battlestar Galactica dance. The night was not without mishaps, like when I tried to quickly put on a head veil for the Bhangra Throwdown. Epic fail. I somehow grabbed it upside down, such that the combs were curving away from my head. Needless to say, it came off during the dance.

After the show, we tried to go to The Pub for a Clucking Blossom fundraiser, but the place was at capacity. We consoled ourselves that at least we could go bowling instead. Not so much, as they had just closed down the games (though they tantalizingly left the blacklights on in the bowling alley). And thus did we end up at Denny’s at 11 p.m. on a Saturday night in full costume.


Anonymous said...


You live in Fairbanks. Snow is part of the package. Could happen even in July (I know. I've seen it.)

Get used to it! Embrace it!

terri said...

It was pushing 70 here (evil laughter)!

Anonymous said...

Jennie's only part right. Buying cute shoes does induce the weather to change--to snow. In order to get warm sunshine, you have to buy big, clompy winter boots ....