Dec 18, 2007

safe and sound

Posted by Mary |

Tom and I arrived in Auckland, and then in Chiristchurch, on Tuesday, Dec. 18. We have settled into the Chester Street Backapackers, which is lovely and quiet - two of my main considerations in a hostel. We're treating ourselves to a private room for the next few days.

So far Christchurch is lovely. Today is a little overcast, but the sun keeps poking through. We've been enjoying wandering around the city and had great fun at the supermarket. What is it about foreign grocery stores that is so enticing? I want to try one of each of their candybars, and don't get me started on the cookies, sodas and cheeses. After a picnic lunch at Cathedral Square, we stopped by the library so that I could get a little Internet access. It's cheaper here than at our hostel, but don't expect any personal e-mails or frequent posts when we have to pay for the Web.

After this, we're off to explore the botanical gardens and visit one of the art museums before heading back to the hostel for dinner. Fun fact - the celebrity gossip magazines here still gossip mostly about American celebrities. There's a good supply of the magazines at the hostel, so I intend to read up!

We may change our plans slightly and spend some extra time in Akaroa after we finish the Banks Peninsula Track instead of coming back to Christchurch for another night. The town looks interesting, and I fear that we may just spend our time in Christchurch trying to eat at every restaurant I see! Sadly, we've already spotted at least two Starbucks. The McDonald's doesn't dishearten me quite as much, simply because I want to eat all the weird, non-American things on the menu, like the Kiwi pavlova for dessert.

Is it wrong to buy a duffle bag when we get to Auckland for the sole purpose of bringing home lots of funny food?


Archeobot said...

Funny food is the bomb!
Buy the bag!!
Fill the bag!!!
Its like bringing your vacation home.

Anonymous said...

Ohmigoodness -

You are so far away when we need - desperately need - to discuss "Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter" with you. I bow to your superior gifts in finding the very worst movie ever in the history of this or any other universe!! This was the worst. The worst. The worst! Really, the worst. Really.

Have a wonderful time in NZ. Don't stress out the natives too much.

Love from the former QIR's

JMS said...

Hearing about earthquakes in NZ...wanted to make sure you're OK.

DJ Ten Ninjas said...

Are you going to make it to Wellington? I hear Cuba St. there is pretty happening. Some friends of mine have a song about it.

(And Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter is by no means the worst movie ever. It's entertaining, which means it can never compete with a movie like Red Zone Cuba, which is so bad and dull you want to kill yourself.)

- Brandon S.