Dec 26, 2007

on the road again

Posted by Mary |

Tom and I will be departing in a few minutes for the wilds of the Catlins Coast. It's the southern part of the South Island, and we'll be camping tonight, then hiking (excuse me, tramping) the Catlins Top Track for 2 days. After that we'll drive the Southern Scenic Route, stopping to camp at the Clifden Caves, before finally arriving in Te Anau, where we'll hopefully have Internet access once again.

But before we leave, we're headed to the chocolate factory!!!

The Asylum has been an amazing place to stay. Tom said it's the sort of place where he might keep extending his stay if we didn't already have plans. I can see what he means. Today is a gorgeous day when we might have gone surfing, or maybe taken a sea kayak or some snorkel gear and caught our own dinner. Instead, all I'll be catching is a Crunchie T-shirt at Cadbury World.


christine said...

Hello from the south part of the Catlins -- I do hope you enjoy the Top Track in spite of the weather, it is tipping down today. You are welcome to drop in to say hello on the way past -- Christine and Colin McKenzie, three flags flying, 476 on postbox, 5km before Fortrose on the coastal route from Waipapa/CurioBay.. you have done exceptionally well with yr wildlife spotting -- I'm impressed. I have a google alert for Catlins so get to read many opinions as people pass by - so far all have been positive but this weather may change that!

Best of luck - all the way from Alaska, wow.

Christine M