Sep 16, 2007

heard while watching 80s music videos

Posted by Mary |

There are some seriously ugly guys in this band.
Well, they predated video.
'Twould appear.

You know, receding hairlines don't work for a hair band.

Isn't he gay?
-Tom, who feels free to judge
now that he's taking a poetry class

Does she have a mullet?

Those guys are pretty German.
-Tom, again

Oh, sure, Tiffany gets to ride the
baggage claim. When I do, they kick me off.

-Tom (of course)


brittany said...

Hey Mary - I just realized that we met the other night at First Friday... (in Ester)... Well, it was nice to meet you and hope your dinner party was tasty.

Anonymous said...

I think every member of the Police were on coke.

Mary, when and where is the Bollywood dinner?