The weekend is over, and we survived. Cold Fusion has been working for months now on what just may be the penultimate level of geekdom. I speak, of course, of our now-infamous Borg bellydance. Yes, this was at the gaming convention. How did you know?

The Borg, for those of you who do not know (and you are officially no longer my friends), are a race of cyborgs known for assimilating other cultures and stealing their technology to further their borgifest destiny. In true geek style, we decided to perform a Star Trek bellydance in which I would get to don a bald cap and leather clothes and we could use a little stage combat. Unlike in Star Trek, this time the Borg won. Allow me a few observations:

  1. I am way, way hot in a bald cap. In a sexy kind of way.
  2. I am way, way hot in leather pants. In a temperature kind of way.
  3. It is not easy to quickly remove a bald cap for a costume change.
  4. If we wanted to, Cold Fusion could rule the dorks. Because, baby, they loved us! Who would have thought bellydancers would be so popular among the gaming crowd?


Archeobot said...

Reagarding Number Four.... are you serious?

Scanitly dressed, beautiful women, bellydancing in front of a crowd ususally hermetically attached to their computer or gaming control???

I'm surprized you don't have a permanent fan club.

(Disclaimer: comment not ment to offend any stalwart gamers reading this blog. I don't want hatemail, I'm just sarcastic)

Nathan Boucher said...

Holy crap!! I'm watching "First Contact" right now and just heard the "rumors of my assimilation line". Remembering that this was based off of Mark Twain's "Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated" line, I decided to look it up on Google. I was scanning down the first page and found your page as a link! Small universe my friend...small universe.

finishhimvox said...

stumbled upon this page also searching my fave quote ever on google. i want a tshirt that says it only i want one with my bands faces on but all Borg style and then say the quote on the back. im a pure geek but its only cause im a geeky rockstar and that more than makes up for it. by the way Mary you are absolutely stunning... really gorgeous!