Mar 27, 2007

like a bee

Posted by Mary |

Things have been getting a little hectic with the dance scene lately, which is my roundabout way of saying I haven't posted in a while.

Cold Fusion is getting busy. We had a photo shoot, I designed promotional postcards, and they were just shipped to me today. Whee!!

We've got an hour-long time slot for the Ester Library Lallapalooza on Sunday. Hopefully we've got enough material to fill it. Next Saturday is a big one: The Arcticon show. Yes, we will be performing at a gaming convention. What? We're nerds. We even came up with a very special choreography. Here's a hint: You will be assimilated. I also get to be the special guest judge at the convention's masquerade ball costume contest. I'll have a week or two after that to work on our new Web site (which I won't even link because there's literally nothing there yet). At the end of April we head down to Anchorage, where Nomadia is hosting an urban tribal workshop with Heather Stants. We may also be performing at the Dance Together Alaska Festival while we're down there, but our time is starting to get very crunched.

And rumor has it that the Fleurs du Mal burlesque troupe is planning on making a comeback this summer in a big way. The possibility of a 12-show run is out there.....


Kyle said...

Women at a gaming convention?
Does not compute.

Anonymous said...

OmiGod!!!!! A Tribal Fusion Postcard!!!

Send us a postcard ASAP!!!! Autograph it!!!

Love for the former QIR's who can have their postcard addressed to

Gretta and Jacob Stone
Ben Lomond Quaker Center
Box 686
Ben Lomond, CA 95005

And come visit us!!!