Jan 25, 2007

heard after dinner

Posted by Mary |

Cheerios are an ideal medium for the consumption of butter.
--Russ, who has odd
breakfast habits

A statement such as that requires some explanation, does it not? It turns out that Russ has a very special breakfast, one that he got off the back of a Cheerios box back when he was a boy. Without further ado (OK, maybe just a little more ado), I present you with possibly the white-trashiest breakfasts ever.

Hot buttered O's

Serves 1 strange person
1/2stick of butter, melted
7 ozCheerios (or to taste)
Melt butter in skillet over medium heat.
Add Cheerios and salt to taste.
Enjoy in front of Saturday morning cartoons.

Hot bacon O's

Serves 1 strange person
1/2pound of bacon
7 ozCheerios (or to taste)
Fry bacon to desired crispness in skillet over medium heat. Remove from heat.
Without draining the skillet, cook Cheerios in leftover bacon grease.
Crumble bacon over the top and feel your arteries cry out in pain!


Terri said...

Talk about destroying all the health benefits of cheerios! I bet they won't use those recipes on their commercials that tout the cholesterol-reducing abilities of the little o's.

Rachel said...

My dad used this recipe when we were kids, except he added his own seasonings. Now he likes to experiment with "sweet and salty." He just passed the tradition on to a new generation, "cooking" some up for my niece~only with honey nut cheerios.

Forget the potato chips my friends, this snack of the past will confuse and surprise any party guest.