Aug 5, 2005

Library of Congress fun, part 2

Posted by Mary |

While looking for a subject heading for a fatal dog mauling, I came across this:

Maul, Darth (Fictitious character)
also present was
Skywalker, Luke (Fictitious character)
but Skywalker, Anakin needs to be written as
Vader, Darth (Fictitious character)
likewise, Princess Leia Organa is technically
Leia, Princess (Fictitious character)

There are no subject headings for Chewbacca, Yoda or any of the droids, yet Lando Calrissian gets a listing.

Since I feel the need to prove that I'm really a dork, I took this a step further. Yes, I boldly went where no indexer has gone before.
Picard, Jean Luc (Fictitious character) I thought his name was hyphenated
Riker, William T. (Fictitious character) The T is for Thomas
Troi, Deanna (Fictitious character)
No Beverly Crusher, no Worf, no Geordi LaForge, no Data, no Tasha Yar.

Kirk, James T. (Fictitious character) The T, the generic Star Trek middle initial, is for Tiberius
Spock (Fictitious character)
McCoy, Leonard (Fictitious character)
Scott, Montgomery (Fictitious character)
Sulu, Hikaru (Fictitious character)
But no Pavel Chekhov or Lieutenant Uhura.

I'm not going to take this investigation any further because, quite frankly, Deep Space Nine was crap.


John said...

No Yoda? Happy am I about this not! So certain was I he be in there would. Okay. I'm stopping now. There are some things that are too silly . . .