May 28, 2013

This is not Mr. Roger's Neighborhood

Posted by Mary |

When we moved into our new house in the middle of December, I accepted the fact that we likely wouldn't meet the neighbors any time soon. No one spends lots of time hanging out in their yard in the winter, and although we get out to shovel our driveway, I'd rather use that time to shovel and get back inside ASAP. The colder months are just not conducive to making new friends.

About a month ago, I happened to be standing in the kitchen when a vehicle pulled into our neighbor's carport. Through the windows, the passenger and I made slow, lingering eye contact. Naturally, I freaked out and dropped to my knees, then crawled out of the kitchen. Oh, did I mention I was naked? Eating a banana? Dignity has never been my strong suit.

Now that summer is here, people are starting to loiter in their yards. Yesterday, Beau and I were enjoying an amazing sunny holiday in our yard when he started talking with those same neighbors. After a few minutes of talking, I realized that our neighbor writes a blog. Actually, it's a reasonably well-followed blog. Crap. I hoped she never blogged about the naked banana lady.

In other news, we've been making steady progress on some house projects, and my parents are visiting. It took many trains and boats to get them here, because flying is for suckers. The weather gods have rewarded them with 4 four (4!) warm sunny days in a row. This must be a new record for Anchorage.