Jun 13, 2011

an update

Posted by Mary |

Things have been busy since the wedding! Beau and I had less than two weeks together before we headed down to Anchorage. His best friend was getting married at the end of May, so I took an extra-long weekend from work and we drove down. At the end of the weekend, I flew back to Fairbanks, leaving Beau to work down there all summer.

And me? I plan on keeping busy at home and traveling. I already have two trips to Anchorage scheduled for the summer, and Beau came up for a visit last weekend too. I am trying to schedule a time for someone to come out and install the rest of my windows. Once that is done, I need to have him resolve the bathroom window situation, then the bathroom remodeling odyssey will begin. I'm tearing the room down to the studs and starting over again. Also on the plate for this summer: a simple wall project. I just need to tear down the interior walls, rewire, reinsulate and hang new walls. Easy, right?

One good thing about all these plans is that it supports my love of buying power tools. My parents got me a drywall screwgun for my birthday, and I picked up a double bevel miter saw (with laser marker) last week. I've had my eye on another set of tools as well. I keep hoping it will go on sale for Father's Day. Home Depot must hate dads, though, because it's still full price.

To add to the summer of madness, I will be busy with monthly dance workshops, up to 5 hourlong dance classes each week, plus regular rehearsals and performances. I've been asked to take part in another burlesque show this summer, but I honestly don't see how I'm supposed to fit it all in.

Oh yeah, I also need to plan our wedding reception and honeymoon. The reception is in September, and the honeymoon will be in December.


Anonymous said...

Where's the honeymoon?! - Midge

Anonymous said...

I think you need something else to keep you busy this summer. All this free time on your hands will lead to much thumb twiddling!