Oct 26, 2010

nobody does it better

Posted by Mary |

In the realm of things I am good at, I think "shopping" ranks pretty high. Now, I may live in Fairbanks where shopping opportunities are few and far between, but there is the Internet when I need shoes. But when it comes to a new pair of glasses, I feel the need to physically try on as many pairs as possible. Tonight I dragged my roommate along to help me narrow it down.

From the whole store, I got myself down to 13 possible pairs of glasses. And from those 13 possible pairs, I ended up with 4 nearly identical pairs. Like, they're all pretty much the same frames. Don't believe me?

There's your proof. Dark frames, moderately cat-eye-ish, with aqua/teal/blue interiors. Hell, they even have almost identical lens, bridge and frame widths. So I'm opening my life up to votes once again. Vision wear by democracy, if you will.

Which glasses do you like best?


Anonymous said...

Eric likes 1
Jeanne likes 2
Dad likes 3
I like 4
Democracy reigns supreme!

Anonymous said...

#1 wins in my humble opinion

Anonymous said...

#1...definitely #1...the others are slightly too heavy on the bottom and/or side and would detract from the beautiful baby blues.

MamaCaselli said...

Torn between 3 and 4, but keep leaning toward 3.