Jun 9, 2010

fun fact

Posted by Mary |

Sunday night: Took the Vicodin. Couldn't get to sleep.
Monday night: Skipped the Vicodin. Slept well. Could barely walk with the crutches in the morning.
Tuesday night: Took the Vicodin. Can't get to sleep.

The prescription medicine I need for the pain in my knee is apparently causing insomnia. And yet, without the pills, I am in a lot of pain in the morning. I have not yet figured out how to balance this equation.

Of course, the listed side effects do not mention insomnia, but do include drowsiness. It's 1 a.m. I need to be at work in the morning.


Unthawed Alaskan said...

Perhaps insomnia is listed in the fine print in the little flier that you get from the pharmacist.

Never took Vicodin, only Percocet or Tylenol 3. With both I have felt being really exhausted but not able to fall asleep.

Anonymous said...

How about switching meds? My father always said anyone can sleep well if they have a clear conscience. So????

MamaCaselli said...

No vicodin + bloody mary when you wake up?