Jan 12, 2010

heard in the crawlspace

Posted by Mary |

Oh, that's old. A Chrysler? I haven't seen one of these things in a while. If Jesus had a forced air furnace, he would have had one of these.

A tune-up brought my furnace up to almost 80% efficiency. Not bad, considering I think the old girl has been there since the house was built in 1960.

In unrelated news, I am having trouble figuring out my next vacation. It turns out that going to Madagascar (which seems logical since I'll practically be in the area) costs about as much as going to Africa in the first place. The money isn't an issue, but there is a larger concern over the amount of time it will take to include that trip. Have I mentioned that I also have to stop in Connecticut for a while? My sister is having her first child, and there will be hell to pay if I take a vacation without the prerequisite trip to visit the family.

I have plenty of vacation time, but don't feel comfortable leaving work for that long since I often feel like I'm the only person capable of running the big printers or making changes to documents. I think if I can make the vacation coincide with the holiday closures, it will be a slow time at work anyway. Plus, technically my department saves money when I go on vacation!


Titanium said...

Heard while running outdoors at -30... "If there is a god, he is using my lungs to clean his pots and pans."