Nov 3, 2009

melodramatic behavior ... again

Posted by Mary |

I have taken ill. It's not as bad as in the past, since I have yet to proclaim that I am dying or demand that someone care for my cat after I am gone. But still, I am under the weather. In fact, I am taking the day off from work to recover.

The day after the Harvest Ball, I got the chance to celebrate Diwali. No, not just celebrate Diwali, but perform at the UAF Diwali celebration! Cold Fusion did three Indian choreographies, and then the gorging on Indian food began. We don't really have Indian food in Fairbanks, unless you count the secret menu at Pizza 4 Less, so normally if I want it, I have to make it. We got an overwhelmingly positive response to our performances, including several people who commented on how authentic the dancing was. That made Rachel, our main Indian choreographer, very happy.

So to sum up, great dancing, delicious Indian food, and a date with a student. Oh, did I not mention that part? On Saturday, I went to a coffeehouse with a grad student I met at Diwali. We talked for more than an hour, and I didn't get bored. Given my tendency to get rapidly bored with most people, I am taking this as a good sign.


Anonymous said...

I'll take Nibbles if you expire.
- Gretta

Tom said...

Don't do it! They'll just shave her again!

Little Mama said...

My grandcat comes to me so anyone trying to claim it will see me in court. Remember, I get cheap legal services.

Mary said...

Nibbles is flattered that you are all willing to fight for her. And by "flattered" I mean "generally whiny with occasional vomiting."