Sep 14, 2009

delayed pictures

Posted by Mary |

I promised to post photos from my trip along the Denali Highway, didn't I? And I never did. Well, until now, that is...

The start of the road. The second day was mostly overcast like this.

I have a Gorillapod, and I'm not afraid to use it. Also, I have on a lot of clothing but no bear spray. Oops. There's no excuse for the sullen look.

Can you find the hunter in this picture?
Along the McClaren Summit Trail. The weather started to clear up a bit. And by "clear up" I mean the clouds moved from one side of the trail to the other.

I picked a lovely spot to camp. Those random white bits in the picture? Bones.

Lots of bones.

Including this partial leg I found near my tent.

Dismembered animals weren't enough incentive to move my camp, though. Perhaps a nice fire will keep the bears away.

The weather was quite nice the next morning. Until it started to rain as I was breaking down the tent.

The view is lovely, but you can see why you shouldn't drive too fast. Most of the road is like this.

I tried for a better shot, but failed. What, you may ask, was I trying to get in the picture? If you look very, very closely, there's a bald eagle. But my zoom is not so good, and it flew away when I tried walking closer.


Anonymous said...

Lovely photos.

I'm jealous. When I lived in Fairbanks, I drove the Denali highway every September. By the second week or so, the tourists are mostly gone and the colors, oh, the colors! I still have dreams about parts of that road.