Jul 30, 2008

it comes in threes

Posted by Mary |

So I fly to Connecticut because my father is sick and in need of surgery. And while I'm here, dealing with this, what happens?

Oh, does that look bad? Let's take a look at the close-up.

I know I have a history of bad language on this blog, but seriously? Seriously? Fuck me.

According to my roommate, the water is around 3 feet deep. Our landlord dropped off a canoe. The rain stopped this morning, but the water is a few inches from getting into the house. And it will keep rising even after the rain has stopped.

My friends are trying to mount a rescue effort while I sit here, 5,000 miles away, unable to shake the feeling that I'm screwed.


Coldfoot said...

Damn. You need a couple more inches of gravel in your driveway.

Amanda Bohman said...

Maybe it will dry out.