Apr 28, 2008

heard at dinner

Posted by Mary |

Artichokes are the lobster of vegetables.
--Tom, dissecting
his food

You don't tell us you have dessert and then give us fruit.
Just ... just ... fuck you!

--Me, recalling
Jennie's previous "desserts"

I'm a little red-faced, but I'm not afraid to admit when I've done something dumb.
I was posting a survey on one of those dastardly social networking sites, and one of the questions was "When do you shower?" and I said I shower at the gym. Today I realized that the person who wrote it probably wasn't from Alaska, and probably meant "time of day" not "day of the week." For the record, I shower in the morning, but only gym mornings.


Jennie said...

It's TREE CANDY, god damn it. Quit whining and eat your tangerine.

Archeobot said...

Don't worry people would just assume you were being a smart ass anyway....