Nov 24, 2007

Turkey-free turkey day

Posted by Tom |

In keeping with our continuing vein of cultural non sequitirs (see: watching Top Gun on Christmas), we decided to celebrate the all-American holiday of Thanksgiving by gorging on Indian food. Kudos to Mary for cooking up an awesome Hindi buffet, not to mention enough leftovers to keep us going all weekend.
Also kudos to Mary for posting her Borg bellydance routine on YouTube, which is what we're all watching in this photo. L to R are Rachel, Victoria, Mary, Joyce, Liz and Chris, drinking wine from a paper cup.

Kudos to Victoria for getting into the spirit of things by forcing her Italian Greyhound, Itchy, to accept her place in the caste system for the day.

And finally, kudos to me (with help from Mary) for putting together a Ganesh on the lite-brite coffee table. Clearly I've found my medium.