Aug 12, 2007

money vs. vanity

Posted by Mary |

We switched the toilets over to the well at the new house. Now we'll pay less for our delivered water ... but ... but .... the well water is really nasty. I mean, it's brown. And I could handle the brown, but the toilet bowl is slowly turning brown, too. And I'm scrubbing it about once a day. So now I have to question if the savings outweigh my fears that guests will think we're just nasty. It's only really a fear because we've got a housewarming party set for the end of the month.

Yes, it's true, I haven't posted for a while. Now that I'm down to 20 hours a week at the University, I've been playing with my schedule and I took a long weekend in Anchorage last week for the Carolena Nericcio and Megha Gavin workshops. This week Tom and I are heading down to hike the Chilkoot Trail.

So, you can expect another blog absence, but you can also expect some great pictures when we come back.


Archeobot said...

Its rust - I know you are probabally fundamentally opposed to the chemical route. But putting a rust remover (from hardware store) in the bowl to soak) once and a while (like if you are expected guests) should clean it up so your vanity doesn't get too horriblly bruised :o) The hampton house had that problem when the water filters started to quit...