Feb 27, 2007

they're real ... and they're fabulous

Posted by Mary |

Joanna has begun to doubt the very existence of my achingly good brownies. Not even a picture can reassure her (because I'm a whiz with the Photoshop, yo!).
It's a shame she lives 350 miles away, or perhaps she would be more intimately acquainted with their unique crumbly, fudgy texture, their ooey-gooey layer of liquid caramel and their crunchy bits of pecan.

Perhaps if I'm feeling really, really generous, I will bring a batch down when I crash at her place for the Heather Stants workshop.

ps that little wreath of decoration around the plate? Well, let's just say that no one will ever ask me to make heart-shaped decorations for Valentine's Day again. Bonus points for using blue paper to depict the pulmonary artery and the superior vena cava!!


Joanna said...

Blogs...photos...e-mails...chats...Nothing will convince me until I've actually tasted this culinary masterpiece of yours.

MG said...

With a headline like that, you really ought to be wearing a v-neck shirt or something.