Oct 4, 2006

brave new territory

Posted by Mary |

You'd think that since I got my digital camera back I'd be snapping and blogging much more frequently. Yeah, you'd think that....

The picture above was taken at the Morocco workshop, featuring once again the lovely Joanna. Her loving, trusting (and foolish) husband stayed in Anchorage while she came to Fairbanks for a few days of dancing. At the end of the workshop, I did, in fact, quit my dance troupe. Scary new territory - I'm trying to develop a troupe of my own. In the end, though, Rachel Brice was right: I need to be true to myself and let go of a situation that was no longer working. For now I've got four other dancers who are working with me to develop the troupe and see where tribal fusion fits in Fairbanks.

Despite all our big talk in the past, it has become clear that Tom and I are not destined to be a one-car family. I mean, he's unemployed a freelance journalist, and we still can't hack having just one car. I'll pick up the check from the bank today, and get my new car this weekend. Pictures to come. I promise.

Shed? Done.
Deck? Done.
New trail since the deck covers the old one? Done.
Having Tom home to do lots of work? Priceless.


Rhymes with banana said...

Good God! That is a stunning pair of dancers. And are they wearing Melodias? And is that a Rosehip skirt I see there? Wow, those two most be seriously amazing dancers, and also incredibly cool, sexy women. Honestly, I don't know how they do it. Their raw animal magnetism positively spews out of this photograph.

Rhymes with banana said...

By the way, did you mention Rachel Brice in this post? Gosh, it sounds like you had a conversation with her...oh, that's right, you did.