Sep 12, 2006

car goes boom

Posted by Mary |

My car, it seems, has died. RIP, dear Toyota Corolla All-Trac Wagon. Well, it's not dead-dead, it's just in need of $900 or so to fix it, which seems a little silly to sink into a 91. I'm trying to find a mechanically inclined person to buy it from me so they can fix it. The car would be worth about $2,200 in the Fairbanks market, due to the All-Trac, and the parts are estimated at $400. I'll bet you could even find used parts for less. So come on, now, who wants it?

Once again I am car shopping. Sadly, every time I go into a dealership armed with breasts and a uterus, I get shoddy treatment. Such as "Well, we've got a nice car over there - oh, wait. It's a manual." Hi, jackass, I've driven stick for 15 years now. (Yes, the math doesn't add up. Blame my sister for breaking the law.) Or "How much can you afford per month? Because you may be able to get a car that's worth more than X amount." Yes, but then I'd be paying more than X amount, wouldn't I? And then there's my favorite "What would it take to get you in a car today?" You, two bottles of lube, a video camera, a small rhinoceros and a very open mind.

In my limited price range, there hasn't been a whole lot. There's a nifty '99 Subaru Legacy Outback that's rather cheap, but the '99s had that whole exploding-head-gasket issue. Much like my old '97, which I ended up putting a new engine into. I'm trying to stick with AWD, yet avoid the gas-guzzling small SUVs. Fortunately more manufacturers are moving into AWD territory these days. Unfortunately a car that has been made in the past year or two is still generally out of my price range.


CabinDweller said...

Two things:

1) What exactly is wrong with the Toyota, speaking from a maybe interested in it perspective. Those old Toyotas (like old Soobs) are pret near indestructible.

2) Have you given thought to car shopping down in Anchorage? Prices seem to be a bit better and more choice and so on. And you get a road trip out of it!

Mary said...


The estimate was to fix all the problems, but the main ones are the RF CV axle, rear brakes and engine mount. The total repair estimate from Alaska Auto Care is $916.70, that includes $481.60 for labor (something I'd never be able to do myself) and new parts.

Anchorage may be do-able if I can find the free time to get down there. Stupid jobs keeping me busy...

e-mail me if you're interested in the Corolla. mvhaley at g mail

MG said...

Sigh. Sounds like we are in the same boat. After putting 1,300 into the heater on my Pathfinder, the damn thing is out again. I want a new car. Know anyone with a Tacoma or Tundra for sale?

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary -

The fact is that you're a Lamborghini/Ferrari kind of girl. Don't settle for less.


The ex-QIR's

Jill said...

I feel your pain. My Geo's clutch started slipping a year ago, and I'm still waiting for it to shit the bed. When (I guess I should be more optimistic and say if) it does, I'm going full-time bike commuter. No turning back. Good luck with the car search!