Apr 21, 2006

down to a month

Posted by Mary |

One month to go until the Gold Nugget Triathlon. So far, 921 women have signed up to run, which means in all likelihood I won't finish last. Especially if I can arrange to have someone take out one of the 80-year-olds, Tonya Harding-style. So, where am I with training?

  • Swimming: Ugh, I haven't been swimming lately. I'm getting back in the pool next week to work on my stamina.
  • Running: My ankle has healed and I've been working my way up in distance. I have been running 3-4 times a week, though I'm still not going the full distance. I know that this will be the toughest leg for me. Even if it were first, it would be tough, but coming last will make it a killer.
  • Bike: I got my new bike last week: a shiny Giant Cypress DX (with a girly frame, since I lack a penis). I rode it to work yesterday for National Ride Your Bike To Work Day, which helped me get a few kinks out of it (which means I adjusted the seat so that the hils were not so painful.
So, lots of work left to do in this month. I need to get back in the pool, and I need to do a bike-run brick. It's also worth noting that this is a sprint-distance triathlon, and my goal is just to finish it. Next year I can go back and kick some ass.